Welcome to Exotek Pest Defense, your Bay Area pest control experts! Our Technicians have 10+ years of experience in rodent and insect elimination in residential and commercial properties. Exotek Pest Defense services San Francisco and San Mateo county Give us a call today! 415-770-7049


Effective residential pest control requires a combination of preventative measures and targeted treatment to keep your home pest-free.


Effective commercial pest control helps to protect the health and safety of employees and customers, as well as the integrity of the facility.


Pest prevention starts with sealing off entry points and eliminating sources of food, water, and shelter for pests.

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When you are choosing a pest control provider to solve your pest issues, the company must have experienced technicians that have worked in the pest industry for at least 5 years. At Exotek, our technicians have 10+ years of hands-on experience.


Pest technicians must be experts in insect & rodent biology and pest product labels to eliminate pests effectively. This extensive knowledge is required in order to eliminate insects and rodents from structures. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable, trained, licensed, and certified to resolve pest issues. We also educate our customers on causes of pest infestations and we are transparent with treatment plans and solutions.


It is also very important to hire a pest control company that cares to solve your pest issues. At Exotek Pest Defense, we carefully evaluate each situation, identify the problem, and provide our customers with the best plan to resolve pest issues. We value our customers and are happy to answer all of your pest concerns and questions.

Why choose Exotek for your pest control needs

When choosing Exotek Pest Defense you will have an experienced technician that can solve your pest control needs. 10+ years of experience

  • Experienced Technicians 10+ years
  • Licensed & State Certified Technicians
  • Fast response & dispatch, if pest issues occur for our customers
  • Flexible work hours to take care of customers pest control needs
  • Excellent customer communication to explain and guide our customers through a smooth pest treatment process
  • Our Expert pest technicians will find the best solution to get rid of your pest control problems
Direct Cell # - (415)-770-7049
Office Number - (415)-993- 4089


  • Insect & Rodent Elimination for Commercial & Residential buildings
  • We Eliminate Ants, Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, Silverfish, Flies, Fleas, Moths, and more
  • Insect & Rodent Inspections
  • Rodent Control & Rodent Exclusion (Sealing holes)
  • Rodent dropping clean up & Sanitation
  • Green products available
  • Pet friendly products available
  • Pest Control Maintenance available Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, One time Services Covered for 30 days
  • Very Flexible with service scheduling to meet with customers availability

Exotek Pest Defense provides

  • - Customer Satisfaction guaranteed
  • - Experienced pest control technicians 10+ years
  • - Residential & Commercial Pest control experts
  • - Certified & licensed professional pest technicians
  • - Safety is our number one priority
  • - Fast response time


Excellent communications via YELP and text prior to the apt. Punctual, polite and knowledgeable once onsite! Treated all the areas we are affected and Todd explained all the steps and options along the way. I feel confident that his services will get rid of them. Thank you.

Raffaella T. San Francisco, CA

My parents' home was being invaded by ants due to recent cold weather and rain, way more than Raid could handle. So I called Todd the day before New Year's Eve expecting he wouldn't be available until after the holiday. To my surprise he was able to come out the next day, and he did a really thorough job treating for ants. Todd's communication to schedule the work was great, and he offered to come back in a couple of weeks if there are still any ants coming into the house. I definitely recommend this company!

Peter D. San Francisco, CA

Todd is very knowledgeable and professional. I felt that he understood what I needed and had the expertise to take care of my problem.

Michael D. San Francisco, CA

Very informed and did a lot of education related to rodent control

Hristine W. San Mateo, CA

The technician was very thorough and explained everything. I feel that they are a good value for the money. I expect their products to work.

Rebecca S. Pacifica, CA

Todd is professional and efficient when we had a rodent control issue in the restaurant, droppings somewhere. He will find all potential external and internal holes where they can come in and out. After inspection, he will have a quick quote and detailed solution. He set set mouse traps or place mouse bait in the detected areas. While we came to the restaurant the next day, there were two mice got baited. How amazing! High recommended to anyone who needs help.

Yang K. San Mateo, CA

Great service. I contacted Exotek Pest Defense this morning and Todd had got back to me within a few minutes. Even though he had a really full schedule this morning he was able to squeeze in time to come by my house to perform an initial inspection of the ant problems inside of the house. He was great at explaining in detail the observations he found and potential problem of why ants were swarming inside the house. I had elected to have him treat the outside and inside of the house. Todd was terrific at elaborating what he did today and how we can prevent future problems. Thank you for coming by again to help protect our home from ants and other various insects.

Tim L. San Francisco, CA

I recently purchased my third rental property in the bay area, and it had a minor rodent/roach issue. Todd the technician was very quick to respond. He solved my problem quicker than I was expecting, and kept me informed with what was going on every step of the way! I definitely recommend using these guys for your pest control needs. I went through a few pest control companies, and Exo-Tek Pest Defense is by far the best! I canceled service with the previous company, and now I have Exo-Tek servicing all of my properties!

Michael M. San Bruno, CA

Todd is motivated when servicing pest control, he is educated in the industry with years of experience and strives for a perfect solution for pest defense. Through communication he is honest and trusting about recommended plans to prevent pest encounters both in and outdoors. I highly recommend Todd to answer and service your next pest issue.

Adrian T. San Francisco, CA

I was pleasantly surprised that Todd was able to come out and provide a same day estimate and service. He arrived on time and was very knowledgeable in explaining what he would be doing to relieve my issues. I signed up for a monthly service which should resolve my issue in the months to come and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work.

Henry G. San Mateo, CA

Exotek was able to send a technician the same day! I was very impressed. The technician was very professional and explained the rat problem I had. Todd was able to find their nest and set traps to get rid of the pest. I will definately be coming back if a pest problem arrises at my house.

Gabriel S. San Bruno, CA

My spiders & fleas are gone!Todd from Exotek did an amazing job getting rid of my pest issues. I've been struggling with this flea problem for months and unfortunately hired 2 other pest control companies that could not solve my issue. Then I hired Exotek and they solved my problem in 1 treatment cycle. I signed up for the monthly service as well To keep the bugs away. Thank you

Bryner D. San Francisco, CA

I went through 2 other pest control companies before I found Exotek. I was really frustrated that the other companies weren't able to solve my ant issue, but Todd from Exotek fixed the issue in one treatment. Super quick response and very professional! I even signed up for the monthly service. Thank you Exotek!!!

Ash H. San Bruno, CA

Awesome service Todd cleared up all the rats I had in my in my kitchen. Very professional

Justin M. South San Francisco, CA

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