Meet the owner

Hello, my name is Todd and I'm the owner of Exotek Pest Defense. My career in the pest industry began over a decade ago working for multiple pest control companies all across the Bay Area. I am licensed and certified under the state of California to perform pest control services. Over the years, I’ve maintained proven accuracy in safe product handling and application. I am an expert in the elimination of ants, rodents, cockroaches, fleas, flies, spiders, and more

I started this business to give the Bay Area a friendly, reliable, skillful, and experienced pest control technician that will go above and beyond to solve our customers' pest control problems. My number one priority is customer service and satisfaction which I believe is only achieved through truth, honesty, and loyalty. Exotek Pest Defense was created to reflect these core values and to ensure a quality experience for all of our customers.


Our technicians have been active in the pest control industry for 10+ years, serving and protecting bay area homeowners and businesses throughout San Francisco & San Mateo county. Our specialties are eliminating cockroaches, mice, rats , ants, flies, fleas, silverfish, and more from residential & commercial buildings. I have worked for multiple pest control companies around the Bay Area and I have learned that your pest control provider is only as good as your technician. I started Exotek Pest Defense to give customers an experienced, professional, honest, and friendly technician that will recommend the best pest control plans that fit our customers needs. When choosing a pest control specialist it's very important to hire experienced technicians that will solve pest issues correctly. Here at Exotek Pest Defense we are known for our expertise in solving pest issues & infestations, our experienced technicians will get the job done while providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. When you choose Exotek Pest Defense as your pest control provider your pest issues become our top priority to solve. We always look at our customers like family and not just a number, so when you need us we will be there.

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